Tourist Numbers down 14% due to Malusi “Lunatic” Gigaba’s Visa Rules; time to step down Minister!

How far do we have to go down before Minister Malusi “Lunatic” Gigaba is relieved of his office? Do we have to wait until the Tourism Industry is non-existent and no skilled engineers are coming to South Africa to build desperately needed infrastructure anymore? How much more will have to happen until the egotistic liar ruling the Department of Home Affairs like a mad king steps down and is held responsible for the damages suffered by South Africa? Now at least South Africa’s tourism industry has said, “enough is enough”, stating new data which shows a steady decline in overseas visitor by as much as 14% according to the latest figures means it is time for the department of home affairs to rescind SA’s onerous new visa rules, especially in light of a weak Rand that should encourage visitors from all over the world to experience true value for money by travelling to South Africa!

CEO of the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA), David Frost, speaking at an urgent media briefing held this morning in Johannesburg said SA’s tourism industry had no choice but to responded to what it considers unfair criticism from the department of home affairs and its inability to implement its own regulation. “Our message is unequivocal – Mr Deputy President, rescind these regulations immediately,” said Frost. Frost was referring to comments made by Minister Malusi Gigaba who said opposition to the new visa regulations had been based on “lies and cooked-up figures and surveys that have no credibility whatsoever”, calling into question the industry’s ability to market SA as a destination.

We wonder, who is really caught in a a web of lies and trying to justify uniquely inappropriate visa rules? SATSA is calling for inclusive structures to look at workable alternative solutions that balance security with tourism growth. “This will liberate the tourism sector to do what it does best – bring incremental tourists, increased foreign exchange inflows and increased jobs.” said Frost.

In a host alarming data analysis sourced by the tourism bodies and revealed at the briefing, the picture of decline is highlighted (see graphic).

Minister Gigaba! We ask you one more time to step down and leave your position to a responsible leader and face the consequences in a public court for your irresponsible actions. Stop hurting this country, it will remember you and your paranoid reign!

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