Vaccination Roll-Out hits endless Potholes

Vaccine Ampoule

While the world is moving forward to reach individual herd immunity, South Africa is falling behind even further. Poor President Ramaphosa was yet again forced to tell endless lies about the vaccine roll-out when delivering his address during last night’s family meeting.

President Ramaphosa speaks about initial hiccups at the vaccination stations that have been overcome: Fact is that the few existing vaccination stations are total disorganised and endless waiting times await the registered resident due to a prematurely launched online platform, untrained personnel and no realisation on the ground.

President Ramaphosa promised that all health workers will be vaccinated by March: Fact is that not even half of them have received their first jab of BioNtech/Pfizer or the single jab vaccine from Johnson and Johnson.

President Ramaphosa speaks about good progress in the second stage of the vaccine roll-out: Fact is that with under 1 million vaccines administered South Africa ranks among all 198 countries worldwide somewhere between 160 and 180, another sad statement made by this endlessly lazy and corrupt ANC-led government.

President Ramaphosa speaks of locally manufactured vaccines by Johnson and Johnson coming available: Fact is that Johnson & Johnson manufactures in the USA and the only thing that happens in South Africa is that the bulk vaccines are filled into jab-sized ampoules.

President Ramaphosa speaks of 42 days between the jabs of BioNtech/Pfizer vaccine: Fact is that it only requires between 18 and 21 days between jabs, but he needs to cover the fact that due to non-payment more vaccines will arrive so late that second jabs will only be administered from mid July onwards.

President Ramaphosa excuses the unavailability of BioNtech/Pfizer vaccines in rural areas with the inability to keep the cold-supply chain: Fact is that recent studies have proven that the vaccine can be kept at regular freezing temperatures between -15 and -20 degrees for up to two weeks and therefater in defrosted state for another 5 days, enough time to be administered if the cavvine stations would work at normal efficiency.

President Ramaphosa excused the late arrival of Johnson & Johnson vaccines with regulatory difficulties in the US: Fact is that there are no difficulties, only missing commitments and payments made by South africa as all funds reserved for vaccines have been embezzled by Mkhize and his goons as was revealed by the NPA earlier this month.

To sum it up: even Zimbabwe is further with vaccinating its residents and is now even offering to South Africans to cross the border and get vaccinated. The outgoing, corrupt ANC government is getting more and more entangled in their web of lies and it is unfathomable that embezzling and defrauding members of the government are still in office, allowed to continue telling lies to the unsuspecting public. If you want to be vaccinated, travel to one of the increasing number of destinations offering vaccine jabs for foreigners (Zimbabwe, Maldives, USA …)!

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