Vote-Rigger Mugabe gets Away … again!

Zimbabwe’s nepotistic “Vote-Rigging Junta” has done it once again. Based on the few votes of loyal brainless followers while withholding the constitutional right from more than a million supporters of a country’s prosperous and peaceful future – at home and abroad – the sick, old tyrant of Southern Africa, will continue his unruly Freakshow in order to wring the last bits and pieces out of a country in shambles, which was once the envy of the sub-Sahara African country-society.

He does not know shame and finds either silence or whispered support in the so-called industrial nations, a pathetic picture of “Do I Care” so far away from our home.
Much nearer to our home is Zimbabwe, drained of skills, funds and resources under the fake banner of indigenisation. Another five years of hardship, downturn and blind activism lay ahead, Tsvangirai will hardly stand a chance to keep his strength to challenge as he used to.

Where is the civil disobedience now? The neighbours are silent, Presidents congratulate to what must come down in history as the most blatant poll scam of all times; even George W. blushes in admiration, he never thought of having dead people given one vote and supporters given up to four votes in an election.

Investors around the globe, most of them already in pole position to rush to the biggest construction site in Africa, will now have to rethink. Is it still safe despite Bob Grab’s continued nationalisation regime? Can one bank on his venereal diseases getting the better of him prematurely? Or do we have to suffer – together with our proud guests in the country, who once again unpack bags and patiently await their time to return home – another five (!) years of rule beyond any ethics or modern statesmanship?

It can only be up to the people of Zimbabwe to recognise the ever widening abyss between the state of their country and that of their neighbours. It is their born duty to recognise that nepotistic governments only benefit a few and it is up to them to learn – in an even harder way than before – that once the last farm is unproductive, the last mine has closed and the last bank has been expropriated by Bob and his goons, that forged ballot papers neither feed the people, nor fuel their cars.

Hail Bob, hail the dreaded decay, and rest assured: the world is watching via CNN, though not really there to help or understand!

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