Yet another Nuclear Deal signed – now with China

Free according to the motto: “Everybody can, everybody wins” Russia and France have already pocketed agreements with South Africa for the Trillion Rand Nuclear Power Plant programme and now China joined the group of vulture, circling above empty coffers to build yet another white elephant. Co-operation is good but how about first investing in basic training of staff and management at ESKOM and the Department of Energy (DoE) to manage the existing resources and getting the other two white elephants, Medupi and Kusile online?

h3. Deal with China

China and South Africa laid the foundation on Friday for possible use of Chinese nuclear technology in this country. Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson and her Chinese counterpart Wu Xinxiong signed an inter-governmental framework on nuclear co-operation, the energy department said in a statement. “The agreement initiates the preparatory phase for a possible utilisation of Chinese nuclear technology in South Africa,” the department said. This was part of the government’s efforts, outlined in the Integrated Resource Plan 2010-2030, to expand nuclear power generation by an additional 9.6GW. The project would build on existing bilateral co-operation between the two nations, especially in the field of nuclear energy.

“We will be looking for significant localisation that can contribute to broad industrialisation and the development of a thriving knowledge economy in South Africa”, Joemat-Pettersson said. She said the nuclear new build programme would create jobs, develop skills, and revitalise the country’s nuclear industry.

Mrs. Minister, this would be a first to create local employment when dealing with China!

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