ZANU-PF uses contested democratic Mandate to amend Election Law and others

ZANU-PF is already planning to amend the country’s electoral laws, less than six months since its contested ‘victory’ in the July polls. With a return to majority control in Parliament, the party is able to amend the new constitution to suit its own purposes. The new charter was the result of years of negotiation, disagreement and eventual compromise on the part of ZANU PF’s previous partners in the unity government.

Under the new constitution, previously overreaching presidential powers had been limited, while new reforms that enhance human rights had also been introduced. Despite the charter being approved by Zimbabweans in a referendum earlier this year, changes to the document are already on the cards. Step one appears to be an amendment to the Electoral Act, and according to the Financial Gazette, the amendment has already been sent for printing before being gazetted and brought before parliament. It is not yet clear what the amendment will be or when the bill will be brought to parliament, which is currently not sitting because of a lack of money.

Observers have commented however that with a majority in the house, ZANU PF can change whatever it wants. This includes acts relating to presidential powers, dual citizenship, devolution and other issues that the party resisted during the drafting stages of the constitution.

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