Zuma clueless about own (!) Plan to improve Economy

As it would not be enough to have a president with a controversial attitude towards ownership, public funds and Taxpayer’s Money. Now – while the nation is looking to its president how to change the disastrous course the South African economy is taking – exactly this “president” is clueless about the nine points in his own 9-point plan!.

President Jacob Zuma was responding to questions in Parliament yesterday, when he mentioned the 9-point plan as government’s way to deal with slow economic growth over the medium-term strategic framework. David Maynier, DA MP and the party’s spokesperson on finance, asked Zuma in a follow-up question to name the nine points in the plan.

Zuma, sidestepped the question, was now heard saying:

“We’ve talked about it many times in this Parliament. The honourable speaker is very much aware of the 9-point plan we’ve talked about that. One of them is agriculture. There are many.”

We are also speechless now, but for other reasons!

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