Zuma delivers – yet again – empty promises at Press Breakfast

Today, at a breakfast hosted by New Age, Zuma proved once again that for him it is all about empty promises, but not delivery.

Five years ago he pledged to create 5 million jobs under his National Growth Programm, of which he has not created a single one. When Zuma came into power – in the obscurest of ways – hopes were dim, but his speeches showed him as a mover and shaker. Unfortunately the only thing he was shaking was his booty and the state coffers to enrich his endless family members and sympathetic goons. Bling cars, quick credit cards and expensive car rentals for useless part trips ear-marked his achievements.

Today, 2014, we are facing between 25% (official) and 37% (unofficial) unemployment in South Africa, Zuma is only facing yet another sponsored breakfast table but has the audacity – may it please the critics -. to pledged (yet again, yawn!) that the ruling ANC will create 6m job opportunities in the next five years. Zuma emphasised the phrase “work opportunities” twice; work opportunities is the term used by the government to describe the part-time jobs it has created for people, mainly through its extended public works programme (EPWP). This programme employs people on a temporary basis often to do work such as street sweeping and the cutting of road verges. Zuma also committed his party to the National Development Plan (NDP), especially the economic chapters that have been a bone of contention with its unholy alliance partner, COSATU. However, Zuma left the backdoor open for the NDP to be changed by calling it a “living document” and said that COSATU and the SA Communist Party (SACP) were welcome to engage on the economic issues.

Well Mr. Zuma, do you really think that this type of lip-service will find any fertile ground? Your failed commitment coupled with the lack of leadership have driven the economy of South Africa to the brink of stand-still amidst flourishing, if not booming, African economies. What Mugabe already achieved through dictatorship, you are on your way to achieving by ignorance and empty propaganda. Step down and hand the reigns to politicians that mean, what they say and do, what they can!

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