Digital Nomad Visa

Remote Work in South Africa


Not only since COVID, more and more people have the opportunity to work from “home” or at any place in the world, also referred to as “remote work”.

Beside the general Visitor Visa with the Permission to Work under s11(2), since May 2024 a new kind of temoporary visa is issued for what is referred to as “Digital Nomads”, s11(1)(b). They are issued for a time period of  up to thirty-six months and need to be applied for at the South African Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in the “Nomad’s” home country.

Please note: If the visa is issued for 6 or less months in a 36 months cycle, the applicant does not have to register for Income Tax with the South African Revenue Services (“SARS”).


Beside the general documents such as police clearances, medical report and flight tickets, the applicant for this visa needs to proof that he or she is earning more than ZAR 1 million annually before taxes.

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