Medical Treatment Visa


South Africa is one of the international top destinations for medical procedures and a special visa is issued for the length of the intended treatment, based on the documentation issued by the treating medical facility or institution, but for not longer than six months at a time, extendable.


The application needs to be accompanied by a letter from the attending registered medical practitioner or medical institution within the Republic of South Africa confirming:

  1. that space is available at the medical institution;
  2. the estimated costs of the treatment;
  3. whether or not the disease or ailment is treatable or curable;
  4. the treatment schedule; and
  5. the period of intended treatment in the Republic.

The application also requires the details of, and confirmation by, the person or institution responsible for the medical expenses and hospital fees and – in a case where the applicant’s medical scheme or employer is not liable for expenses incurred – proof of financial means. In case that the applicant cannot travel alone without assistance, the particulars of persons accompanying the applicant, must also be provided.

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