Retired Person Visa


The South African Retired Person Visa can be issued for a period of up to 4 years and can be further extended for another 4 years at a time. The holder of such visa may reside in South Africa permanently or seasonally. A minimum stay within South Africa of 183 days per year does therefore not apply. The holder of a Retired Person Visa may under certain circumstances be permitted to work.


In order to qualify for a Retired Person Visa the applicant must provide proof of the following financial resources:

  • A minimum pension, retirement annuity or fund membership of monthly ZAR 37 000, or
  • An asset, which generates a minimum monthly income of ZAR 37 000

However, current practice at the embassies and consulates abroad might find an application rejected, if based on an asset generating income. Although this is contra lege it is currently of a drive initiated by the Department of Home Affairs to reduce the issuing of Retired Person Visa. The currently maliciously ill-practicing embassies and consulates are: Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Sofia.

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