Visa for Family Members


Visa for Family Members, which includes Spouses and Life Partners are issued only for certain qualifying family members of a Resident (South African Citizen, Permanent Resident or Temporary Resident) and are limited by the following conditions:

1. Qualifying type of relationship
2. Visa is issued for a maximum period of two years at a time
3. Visa cannot exceed the validity of Visa of resident family member
4. Ability to support applicant with at least ZAR 8 500 per month

Holders of any type of Relatives’ or Accompanying Spouse / Life Partner Visa cannot work, study, volunteer or run a business.

Life Partners

An Accompanying Life Partner Visa is issued for the Life Partner of a Resident. A life partnership is only recognised by law, if it is a relationship between a South African citizen or permanent residence permit holder and a foreigner or between two foreigners. A life partnership is recognised for both, homosexual as well as heterosexual couples and needs to be proven either by marriage certificate (Spouse) or notarised life partnership agreement (Life Partner).


Children of South African Citizens and of Permanent Residence Permit holders may accompany their parents and receive an Accompanying Child Visa as long as they are still under 21 years old. In case that children are above the age of 21, they may also qualify under Section 26(d) but a written explanation is needed.


Against contradicting press releases, siblings by blood also qualify for permanent residence. However, it does currently not apply to adopted siblings, although this is currently tested in front of the Constitutional Court as it may infringe the basic right of equality.

Parents & Grandparents

Parents and Grandparents also qualify for Relatives’ Visa, but only if the resident or South African family member is an adult. If not, the requirement of an undertaking of the resident, to financially support the applicant, is impossible as a minor is legally not able to gives this undertaking. It would be nil and void.

Uncles & Aunts

They do not qualify as they are not regarded a direct bloodline with the first two steps of kinship.

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