Visa for the Film Industry


As South Africa has become a popular destination for film shoots, the South African Immigration Law recognises the need to issue the members of any film crew, models and actors with Visitor Visas not valid longer than 90 days.

If a stay for more than 90 days is required, the option to apply for a long-term Visitor Visa in terms of s11(1)(b)(iv).


The applicant, who is due to the nature of the film and modelling business is usually on the road, may apply for the visa from any current destination. The application documentation differs between “specialists” and “oversight personnel”. While oversight personnel, such as agents, producers and coordinators only need a regular Visitor Visa, the specialist such as camera crew, hair- and make-up artists require the permission to work.

Any application must include a letter from the professional body as accredited with SAQA and a letter of motivation confirming the purpose of the stay issued by either CPASA, SAASP or NAMA.

A link to any employer is not required any longer.

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